Chinese National Committee for Future Earth Establishes the “Expert Committee on Disaster Early Warning in the Context of Global Environmental Change” to Promote the Global Risk Research in China

“Expert Committee of CNC-FE Research Group on Disaster Early Warning in the Context of Global Environmental Change (CNC-FE DEW Group)” Inauguration Meeting was held in Beijing on 28th July 2015. The meeting aimed to review scopes and goals of CNC-FE DEW Group and define concrete activities to be fostered by the Group within the next 2-3 years.

The meeting was supported by China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) and Chinese National Committee for Future Earth (CNC-FE). Prof. Peijun Shi, committee member of CNC-FE and Co-chair of Future Earth core project “Integrated Risk Governance Project” (IRG Project) presided the meeting. Secretary General of CNC-FE Prof. Tianjun Zhou, Co-chair of IRG Project Prof. Carlo Jaeger, SC member of IRG Project Prof. Sander van der Leeuw, Chairman of the International Scientific Committee of the Risk Prevention Council Prof. Ortwin Renn, Executive Director of IRG Project Prof. Qian Ye and over 20 representatives attended the meeting. Prof. Peijun Shi, Prof. Tianjun Zhou made the presentations on the “Formation, Structure & Plans of CNC-FE DEW Group” and “Strategic Report of Future Earth in China”, respectively.

On behalf of CNC-FE DEW, Prof. Shi outlined the implementation plan of the group in the next 3 years, i.e., by paying more attention to meet the goals of United Nations and governments at all levels in China, as well as needs of business sectors and general public, the group will take the leadership to guide the scientific and academic community in China to conduct in-depth study of disaster risk governance mechanism to support the government decision making processes in the comprehensive disaster risk reduction, to help business sectors assess risks and identify opportunities, and to educate and work with the stakeholders to co-develop a resilient society.

To do so, the DEW group will follow Future Earth’s research framework and approaches by coordinating research from natural and social science as well engineering community. For Dynamic Planet research theme, more efforts will be put on better understanding the mechanisms of risk governance associated with trends, variations and extremes of the social-ecological system. For Global Development research theme, we will encourage our community work closely with financial and industrial sectors in order to identify the pathway of green economy which incorporates with disaster risk reduction and prevention, and develop new financial mechanisms to support development. For Towards Sustainability Transformation research theme, we will work with other international research programs, such as IRDR, IRG project and IDRiM, to further develop and promote consilience concept in the integrated risk governance paradigm. One focus will be paid on developing international financial institutions to share risks caused by increasing global catastrophes.

During the joint workshop of CNC-FE DEW and IRG Project, Prof. Shi introduced the future funding opportunities from CProf. Carlo Jaeger introduced the IRGP’s new implementation plan based on Future Earth Framework. He specifically emphasized the consilience approach to integrated risk governance which is proposed by Chinese scientists for the purpose of better understanding how resilience in the face of global risks can be generated by better coordination between the relevant agents. Prof. Sander van der Leeuw and Prof. Ortwin Renn discussed the potential cooperation with other Future Earth core projects and strongly supported the proposal of organizing an international “Future Earth” Core Project Cooperation Conference in Beijing in early 2016

The establishment of “Expert Committee of CNC-FE Research Group on Disaster Early Warning in the Context of Global Environmental Change” marks a solid foundation for Chinese scientists involving in the global risk research and promotes the implementation of Future Earth in China.