International Symposium on Co-design for Urbanization in China and Asia-Pacific Region

20-23 October, 2015 Xiamen, China

Sponsors :

China Association for Science and Technology (CAST)
Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CAAS)
International Council for Science (ICSU)
Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP)/ICSU
Future Earth-Research for Global Sustainability
Chinese National Committee for Future Earth (CNC-FE)
Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAP/CAS)
State Key Laboratory of Numerical Modelling for Atmospheric sciences and Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (LASG), IAP/CAS
Institute of Urban Environment (IUE), CAS
Fujian Association for Science and Technology
Key Laboratory of Regional Climate–Environment Research for Temperate East Asia (RCE-TEA), IAP/CAS
Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies, CAAS
Monsoon Asia Integrated Regional Study (MAIRS)
National Natural-Science Foundation of China (NSFC)